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Create fun moments & enrich everyday experiences

Toys & Gadgets

Our history

We had a humble beginning as toy creators.


Revo Toys was founded in 2016 by two friends who share a common love for fun & ergonomic toys. The company was launched in late 2016 to share their passion with the world.


The first product that Revo Toys sold was the fidget spinner, designed and made locally in Toronto by the two founders. The two even launched their own Kickstarter to bring their new designs to life. 


By embracing the spirit of innovations and fun, we always look to create and curate fun new items to help you create memorable moments.

About Us

We are a small team based out of Toronto, Canada that love to curate fun and functional items.


We look for items that you can count on to enrich your everyday experiences, create memorable moments and bring endless joy to life!

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Fidgets & Sensory Toys

From fidget spinners to infinity cubes, animal squishies & magic flowrings, we have them all. All items are fully tested to ensure health and safety standards.

Mobile Accessories

Items that help enrich your everyday experiences and make them just a little easier. Our products include phone ring holders, multi-function phone stands and more.


Smart gadgets for smart users. From alarm keychains for runners & elderly to smart chargers & cables, our products are designed to improve upon your everyday essential items.


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