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Magic Kinetic Flow Rings

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These are not rings, but a single strand of lightweight metal shaped into interconnected spirals. It pops open with a flick of your fingers into a near-sphere.

Put your arm through the centre and let it roll up and down your arm in a soothing, mesmerizing flow. It's almost hypnotic!

As it flows up and down your arm (or any cylindrical object), it glints beautifully. Perfect for showing off your dance routine at a festival or at parties.

A great item to entertain. Grab your friends and see how many times you pass the Flow Rings from arm to arm without stopping. Better yet, choreograph your own awesome flow rings dance routine.


  • Single strand of lightweight metal
  • Pops open with a flick of your wrist
  • Our flow rings are made of quality material and passed Toys Safety Standard testing by accredited testing lab  to ensure your total safety.
  • This item has a WORRY-FREE PURCHASE GUARANTEE - 100% money back guarantee on our product if you're not satisfied.


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