Revo EDC Enthusiast Kit

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This kit is designed for EDC enthusiasts and includes 2 spinners and 1 full ceramic bearing. Easily swap out the center bearing and enjoy ceramic spin time when ever you want.

You get:

  • 1 Revo Thunder (Hybrid Ceramic)
  • 1 Revo Bow Tie Frame
  • 1 Full Ceramic ZrO2 Bearing

All for $49.

Quick. Easy. Spin On! 

Both spinners features matte black, hand sanded finish.

Spin More, Feel Better

As an effective self-regulation tool, Revo Spinner feels great in the hand and produces a mesmerizing rotation. This helps promote focus, concentration and decrease stress. It also helps distract you from bad habits and keep you staying awake on long car drives.

The Revo Lumino can also be used as a “warm-up” device for musician and writers. Daily use helps improve fine motor skills.

Ultimately, it keeps fidgeting fingers busy!