Revo SIREN - 120 Decibels Emergency Alarm Keychain

SIREN - 120 Decibels Emergency Alarm Keychain

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Our SIREN emits a piercing 120 decibels noise (like the police siren) that can effectively deter offenders and draw attention to your situation. The clip-on keychain attaches easily to other clothing articles, backpacks, etc... to let you take it with you anywhere. The SIREN also has a built-in bright LED light for situations in darkness.

Great for runners, hikers, backpacker, young students, and elderlies.

Here's a comparison chart for other 120 decibels noise sources.


  • Clip-on keychain
  • Built-in LED light
  • Emits 120 decibels noise
  • Re-insert pin to stop the alarm

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